New eeBoo Arrivals!


Everybody loves eeBoo! And we’ve got some great new arrivals! Good Citizenship, Good Manners, and Respect the Earth Flashcards are favorites with grandparents. We’ve also added more of their art-inspired merchandise like play papers (think origami and paper projects), a book teaching your little one how to draw, and more sketchbooks and pencils!

With the popularity of the Tell Me A Story and Write Me A Story product lines, we brought in the Make Me A Story Magnet Boards. These are great boards for kids on the go. Take it along in the car, to a restaurant, or while waiting for an appointment and let the kids take an electronics break!

For the preschool set, we’ve got the famous eeBoo puzzle pairs in the Animal Sounds and Colors themes. And we’ve added two new growth charts. These make wonderful gifts!

Be sure to stop in soon to check out all the new kiddo goodies in person!

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